Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Customers for Life!

One of my favorite all time movies is "Pulp Fiction". Harvey Keitel's character was one that really hit home with me. "The Wolf" helped fix a tough situation Samuel Jackson and John Travolta found themselves in. Now, in the 9 years since I started, while I haven't encountered such a "messy" situation as in the movie, I have put out plenty of fires to ensure our customers are treated with the same Wolf-like effectiveness and efficiency!

So, with the current economic slowdown, I guess I shouldn't have been as surprised as I was when a couple of months ago, at 12:30pm on a Saturday, I received a call on my cell phone letting me know Sun Village Beach Resort & Spa in the Dominican Republic was shutting its doors effective immediately. Hmm, not so cool. In fact, with over 200 customers of at the resort, and another 60 passengers arriving over the weekend, I quickly realized the severity of the situation. My first thought was how to move our customers quickly and easily to a nearby resort. My second thought was, "When is the next flight out to Puerto Plata"?!

Fortunately, the Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort is next door to Sun Village and we quickly reserved the necessary rooms to protect our customers. I found a flight out of JFK on Sunday morning on Jet Blue and off I went to make the situation right. "Pretty please, with sugar on top, fix this situation" was running through my head :) Well as you will read below, Caribbean Jim's Wolf mentality fortunately resonated with our customers and we now have more customers for life than ever! Hopefully Harvey would be proud!

Click here to read first-hand accounts from interviews of customers who were there when the resort closed


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