Friday, January 01, 2010

A new decade but who's watching

I remember Y2k. Yes, I admit it. Everyone in the world was worried all computers, microwaves, cell phones and possibly dog bowels would self destruct at midnight. Now that I look back, I can see it was another CNN moment to have you watch for ratings purposes only by scaring the snot out of you. However, at the time, I didn't realize Weather Channel had to scare you to make you watch so I was eager to see what Y2k brought us. I was in the Bahamas at Our Lucaya Resort, one of the better beaches in the Caribbean, and thought, "Why wouldn't everyone celebrate a new year, let alone decade, in the islands with the cost being 5 nights from $229?" Then I realized most people do put a cost on groceries, mortgage, and anything else in their daily life, but when they compare a trip to staying at home, many times going away is cheaper than the compbination of bills like parking? Electricity? Propane? Landscaping? It is truly amazing the prices of a Caribbean vacation now are lower they were 10 years ago forgetting about inflation and NPV. Which of course means you should go SFN, which is super fast now! Especially when our 99 hour sale is ready to end soon!

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Anonymous V.A. said...


Last year we used your services t go on our vacation somewhere in Caribbean. First we were sceptical about using, but when we got back, we thought that was one of our best vacation and for a lower price than we would go to Jersey shore.
I just wanted to say: Thank you Jim!
We would love to go again, probably not this year, we have a new addition to our family, so I don't think we can make it this year. But I cannot wait until following year to go again.
Happy New year!


3:23 PM  

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