Sunday, January 03, 2010

$39...To Park or All Inclusive, that is the question!

I was in Manhattan last month and found some "cheap" parking. Only $40 for the day in Midtown with an early bird special too tough to pass by (although I did need to walk an extra block by Bar Americain and pick up a Dogfish 90 IPA on tap!). To think, I could have not just had my beer, but food, drinks, room, a private beach with top shelf liquor and sushi bar (and the Nikki beach style beds which are quite amazing when I was there 3 months ago), and...if that's not enough...2 swimming pools, and Sunday night VIP party only for customers which has fireworks, full stage with music, huge buffet...and oh, by the way, it's 80 degrees there when it's freezing here! Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort is truly all that and more, and for $39 per person all inclusive you should forget the parking and go...uh like now!

Click here for the up to 70% off All Inclusive sale for deals from $39 per person night!"


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