Saturday, December 19, 2009

Barbados Awards Belong to!

My favorite rum in the world is Mount Gay. When I visited Barbados last year and found the Mt Gay Rum Factory was selling the Extra Old 1.75ml bottles for just $30, I had to check my pulse to see if I'd died and gone to heaven. But in a way I was in heaven because Barbados has just as many heavenly restaurants, beaches, and maybe best of all more Mt Gay XO rum than any of the 20+ islands I've been to! Perhaps that's why customers love Barbados so much. In fact, this past year we once again sent thousands upon thousands of customers to the point we won the Barbados Tourism's Top Tour Operator Award for the year, the third year in a row we've brought back some hardware from Barbados!

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I'm sure our customers have plenty of favorites of their own, but mine are:

Top restaurant: Scarlet, just across from "The House" Hotel. Be sure to have the cheeseburger sliders and of course a Mt Gay Grand Martini which has quite the kick!Also, The Tides just up the road from Scarlet is perfect when you're ready to spend a bit more than you'd like, but get much more in return. Be sure to request a table by the water!

Top beach: The Crane. If you've never been there, breathless will be the only way to describe the first impression of the cliffs overlooking the incredible shades of blue. A surfer's delight! Be sure to see Shawn "The Sheriff" on Crane Beach who makes the best rum punch I've ever had!

Top attraction: What else, the Mount Gay Rum factory! It's not what I thought in terms of wandering a big factory floor, etc. but more of a historical look back via video and interactive displays which take you back to 1703 when the rum was first made. The free tastings at the end always lead to another drink, so plan accordingly! :)

So much more to see and do on Barbados. Think about a trip on your stay in the islands, especially since has the best prices as always around!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

9 Years and Counting!

Below is an email I wrote to our nearly 200 employees on Friday, December 11. It has been 9 years to the day since I started, and I never dreamed we would have provided vacations for nearly 1 million customers since day one to today. I'm thrilled the elements of incredible prices, expertise, and unheard of customer service in the online world have made us the number one website in the world dedicated to Caribbean and Mexico beach travel. Thanks to all of YOU for making it possible. The company's mission statement stays true to this day: "To treat everyone...employees, customers, and family, while having more fun than humanly possible in the process!" Thanks again! CJ


Today is the day 9 years ago I came back from St. Maarten, only my second trip to the Caribbean. While lying on Dawn Beach (after a few beers) and staring out at the islands around me, I thought, "Wow, wouldn't it be cool to start a website just for travel to the Caribbean and Mexico?". On the airplane back, I wrote on one of those worthless napkins they hand out when they give you a beverage, "". The next day, December 11, 2000, I typed in the name "CheapCaribbean" at and found out someone had the URL but their registration had just expired the previous month! I splurged and spent $9.99 on the name and another $14 on a "build your own website" template. The rest thanks to all of you today is as they say history!

The great news is we are still making history each day. This year is more special than any other the previous anniversaries combined because of the success and growth of the company, the dedication of everyone involved, and most of all because the company culture of treating everyone like family...employees, vendors, and customers...still not only thrives, but is more prominent today than ever before.

The islands are about kicking back, saying all is good, listening to Bob Marley, and enjoying the ride. Try to enjoy this ride as best you can, because in my mind there is nothing better than a day at work thinking, talking, and hearing about being on the beach...especially in this weather!

You've all given me, my family, and my third child,, much to be thankful for this holiday season! Happy Holidays!

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