Monday, February 07, 2011

Announcing the winners of our Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville contest...

Wow, we had no idea there were so many Parrotheads out there! We have thoroughly enjoyed reading fans’ “Favorite Jimmy Buffett Moments” and we hope Jimmy has gotten some joy out of the fun times you shared. While it was extremely tough to decide, we are excited to announce not 2, but 3 winners for our favorite Jimmy Buffet moments! After 3 fun days of judging – and maybe a few margaritas - we have chosen the lucky Parrotheads who will be receiving a free margarita maker. Maybe we can toast with you when it’s 5 O’clock Somewhere in the Caribbean!

Congratulations to:

  • Terri S. - "His first concert after 9/11 at MSG. I had written a letter to his company telling him how much my husbands firehouse loved going to shows together. And if it were possible I wanted to surprise my husband and a few of the other parrotheads with tickets. Well we were so suprised that they gave us tixs for all the guys plus tickets for the wives..We all sat on the side of the stage..He took a moment to point us out, and gave the guys a shout out..A night none of the the guys ever forgot.."
  • Joe F. - "Ok Jim.... Here goes I am 5 foot 9 -235 lbs, not alot of muscle @ ALL, I entered the best beach body contest @ grandturk margaritville. Hairy and fat i ran up there and busted out my best michael jackson dance moves and jiggled my way to 1st place. My friends and everyone else at the pool was absolutely cracking up!!!!! I think i might have had one too many margarita's in me. call me crazy but when they cost $17.00 a piece they seem to taste better... LOL. My reward for first place was a margarita made in my mouth by two very gorgeous women and a tee shirt that said its 5 oclock somewhere. Grant turk Margaritaville 2008."
  • Dan S. - "My favortie Buffet moment was in Cabo San Lucas. I was on a whale watching tour on a small catermaran, being served free margaritas, watching the wales along side us, and the music changed... "Changes in Lattitude". I almost didn't come home.."

Thanks to all who entered our Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville contest!

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