Thursday, February 04, 2010

Why is Caribbean Jim late for work again!

I was never a good employee. In fact, if I had a “normal” job in today’s business world, the first question would be, ‘Where is Jim?” I’d tell my boss, “Hey, no problem mon! It’s me, Caribbean Jim, I’m always on Caribbean time so was running an hour or two late.” The boss would then say, “Oh, I see. You’re fired.” End of story. Even my past employers would have to admit I wasn’t the typical worker. Three years in public accounting taught me and those around me I wasn’t cut out to be a CPA. While I was successful as a national television sports anchor for the major networks for a decade, I’m sure most would agree including myself I had natural talents which overcame my lack of following orders. It wasn’t until my last “real” job, at in 1999, that I learned not only what could happen if I worked hard, but I truly figured out I didn’t want to report to anyone anymore. It just wasn’t fun! If I wanted to go on vacation for 3 weeks and work from the beach, if someone said I couldn’t that just didn’t compute. When I left to start, though, I had the backing of SkyAuction’s owner, Michael Hering, who I thank to this day as being the person who not just taught me online travel, but empowered me to have my own company and think, as delusional as it was, that I could challenge the Expedias and Travelocitys of the world with an idea, a $9 website, and sheer determination.

Looking back I realize not only how risky the entire proposition of was, but I’m amazed at our growth. Never in my life did I think we would be sending nearly 2,000 people a day to the Caribbean and Mexico. But, now I think I get why most like myself are drawn to the sun and sand on a daily basis. You see, an island vacation is much more than just time away. It’s a complete reset from the world around us, which many times is harder than we thought or anticipated. It’s therapeutic.

And you’ll read in this article, it’s truly necessary for a proper quality of life per several in the medical profession. No wonder we all love the beach!

I spend approximately 6 months in the Caribbean and Mexico each year. And while many times it’s working on a laptop in a conference room, or in meetings without a view of the incredible blue water, there is just something about “being there.” The ability to walk out your door and be on the sand, gazing out in the distance seeing islands, or nothing at all, is to me the best place to be.

So, take the doctor’s prescription and take advantage of our weekly 99 hour sale. They start on Monday 9pm and end Friday midnight EST. Not only does each sale last just 99 hours (click here to see why), but the first 99 reservations at several featured resort vacations each week save an additional $50 or more off our already guaranteed up to 70% off sale prices, just by being one of the first 99 reservations.

The vacation packages only stay on sale for 99 hours, until the following week when a new set of vacations make up the new 99 hour sale. With prices as low as $399 per person including air, I would hurry because you don’t want to disappoint your doctor! :)


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