Monday, January 18, 2010

99 Hours is shorter than it seems!

When I was young, if you had told me I had 99 hours before something happened, I would have thought it was a lifetime away. Heck, that's 4 days and 3 hours from now! I could go to the mall (starting to show my age), play Asteroids or Galaga (really showing my age), order one of those T shirts where you could put anything on it you wanted like "I'm with her" and "She's with me" (ok, TMI). 99 Hours you could do just about anything it seemed.

However, growing older has taught me time moves so much faster now than before. Something that starts today and ends just over 4 days later is like a speeding bullet. No wonder we have so much interests at when we launch a 99 hour sale. In fact, the last one generated over 150,000 unique visits to our website...each day. With our exclusive, guaranteed low prices many times we either have to keep a short sale window due to the extraordinary discount we have received, or we sell so fast the sale just can't last long based on availability.

Click here to see our 99 Hour "I Wanna Be On The Beach" Sale!

This week, we have a 99 hour sale I'm very excited about. The resorts are the best of the best including Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, Secrets, Dreams, Almond and more...all at prices we haven't seen since...well, 1999!

So party like it's 1999 and take advantage of these specials before they sell out. And yes, I was a fan of Prince and "Purple Rain". Saw it in the movie theater. (way too much information!)


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