Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Help Desk does just that...Help!

It was just over a month ago when one of our customers at CheapCaribbean.com had an issue with their reservation. You see, Catherine Liberles was scheduled to enjoy her vacation on the beach very soon...instead, she was being called to duty for relief efforts in Haiti for her organization, Partners.org. Obviously airlines have cancellation policies as do resorts, but when I heard about why Catherine was trying to reschedule her vacation, I immediately got invovled. We rerouted her to accommodate her travel plans, changed her flights and resort (even the destination), and did it at no additional cost to her. Now many times we can't bend the rules since we are passing along fees the airlines and resorts charge us, but sometimes when a person is trying to do the right thing, well we always try to do the same.

Below is an email sent to me by Catherine. It's emails like these that make it all worthwhile!

Hi Jim,
I just want to extend a heartfelt thanks for your help with our trip. The NH
Royal in Punta Cana was lovely and it was a much needed peaceful pause for me.
I am being deployed to Haiti for three weeks on March 1st. The initial
deployment date was soon after the disaster and conflicted with our original
vacation plans.
I must admit, having worked in a clinic twice a year since 2003, I was
ambivalent about indulging in a vacation on the island in the wake of the
disaster. My husband convinced me that it was a good investment in my mental and
physical health in light of the upcoming deployment.
I have been involved with work in Haiti since 2003 with my work in a clinic in
the mountains overlooking Port Au Prince.
Again my heartfelt gratitude for your making this happen. It was great.
All the best.
Catherine Liberles


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